"My walls aren't big enough...yeah, I want one but I just don't have the wall space..."


Selected 'full-size' canvas print editions now available in a reduced size.

We are extremely proud of our full-size canvas limited editions. They are faithful to the original in every way including the size, which is usually quite large. Many people would like to own the art but just don't have the wall space to accomodate.

Effective with selected newest editions, we are offering a reduced physical size... about 70%... print edition. They are numbered and sign AND limited to 10 prints. We have also reduced the full-size edition availability to 10 signed/numbered prints to maintain their value and exclusivity.

- same quality image, just smaller

- same quality canvas and inks

- same finish varnish

- only 10 numbered and signed

- reduced cost

The image shows the relative size of the "reduced-size" edition compared to the "full-size" edition.