Thank you for your purchase of a Jay Koka Studio print. Printed reproductions can last for many, many years with some simple precautions that will preserve the quality and value of your print over time.

Whether on paper or canvas, your print is shipped rolled. Some care is necessary in unwrapping and unrolling your new print.


The ink (printed) area is sensitive so you should avoid touching it. Paper is also sensitive to crimping so take care when unrolling the print. The very best and safest way to flatten a paper print is to simply allow it to fall open and it will flatten over time.

LIGHT: Paper prints are sensitive to moisture and sunlight and some forms of artificial light. Be sure to exhibit the print in an area that does not experience continuously high levels of sunlight and be sure to never allow sunlight to touch the print direct. Likewise, some forms of artificial light…especially florescent… will fade the colors of the print and yellow the paper over time. HUMIDITY: Take care not to exhibit work in areas of excessive humidity as mildew can form on the inside of a framed print.


Canvas prints are quite durable and the picture image is varnished with a high quality artist grade varnish as a final step in production.

When unrolling a canvas print, take care that you do not kink the canvas. It is difficult to remove kinks even with quality stretching. Stretching is best left to a professional frame shop and the cost is modest as they will supply the stretcher bars and the actual work to stretch.

Although canvas prints are stable, do not exhibit work in areas of high levels of or continuous sunlight. It will fade the print over time. Be sure also to take care with artificial light as high levels and continuous exposure will fade the print over time.

As with paper prints, canvas prints have some susceptibility to moisture (humidity) so take care to locate the work in a relatively dry, stable temperature area.


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