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"356 at Pedrazzini Werft"
Title: "356 at Pedrazzini Werft"
by Jay Koka, © 2021
34”w x 44”, (85x110cm) acrylic on canvas
Hirschmann collection

The setting is the famous Pedrazzini Yacht-und Bootswerft in Bach on the shore of Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

Jay Koka" This wonderful work unites two of my favorite things: a classic Porsche and wooden boats. Since 1991 and my "wooden body" painting of the 1939 Lagonda Rapide Tulipwood boatail titled "Wooden Rocket", I have much enjoyed the creation of work involving "wood". I was thrilled when approached by a longtime collector to execute this work. There's not much I can add to the volumes that have been published about the iconic 356 so we will expand a bit on boatbuilder Pedrazzini."

Begun by Augusto Pedrazzini in 1906, the boatyard is now run by third generation Claudio Pedrazzini who carries on the family's passion and meticulous hand built care. Pedrazzini's craftsmen need 1,800 to 4,000 man-hours (six to nine months) to build a single runabout. Mahagony, teak, burl...handmade fittings...there is an obssessive attention to quality and detail. And it shows. Not to mention - they are drop-dead gorgeous. Like wooden boats? check it out...
» www.pedrazziniboat.com

A 34x44" major work for 2021. Private collection.