"(Ferrari) 812 and Zeelander at Portofino"
Title: "812 and Zeelander at Portofino"
by Jay Koka, © 2022
36”w x 48”, (90x120cm) acrylic on canvas
private collection

The setting is the much admired and very beautiful harbor of Portofino, located in the Italian Riviera region of northwest Italy.

Jay Koka" Although I am enamored of wooden boats, the Zeelander presents to me a shape that is irresistible. It is in so many ways almost "car-like" in its overall shape and layout and serves as a perfect companion to the Ferrari 812 on shore. This yacht is a Zeelander 44."

Visitors to the Studio site are well familiar with Ferrari and all the latest models including the 812. Boatbuilder Zeelander was established in the Netherlands in 2003, engineering and creating high-end motor yachts to the very high standards. www.zeelander.com

NOTE: The original painting has been altered: the country flag has been changed and the boat name has been applied to the stern. Reproductions are as originally painted and shown here.


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