Studio canvas prints are produced by the giclee method on fine quality artist grade canvas. All editions are full size ...same size as the original work... and released in small editions of 20 or less signed and numbered prints. Each print is signed and numbered in bothe the image and the margin.

Prints are shipped rolled requiring stretching on arrival. Our prints have an ample margin for stretching and are finished with a UV varnish similar to that used on original paintings. All print production is supervised by the artist.

Canvas prints can be ordered online through the studio store. Shipping is included for most editions for most destinations in Canada and the continental US.

Cherry Ice Cream (MB Stirling Moss)
This painting of the Mercedes Benz SLR Stirling Moss was inspired by an early evening walk down Ocean Avenue in Carmel on the way to dinner. Look in the window of the gallery and you will see some Koka originals including the Peter Helck Award winning Savannah No5. 36x24", edition of 20 (CAN091)

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