The Artist Collection features original works as well as selected limited reproductions currently held in the Studio.

Some have been in the Collection for years... all are significant, highest quality works, they have rarely been publicly exhibited hanging generally in the Studio and artist's home. Many of these works have been featured in "JAY KOKA STUDIO TEN", the Studio's 10th anniversary and in "30:30" the Studio's 30th anniversary volumes 1st and 2nd editions.

Some of these works may be available for purchase. Please contact the Studio with purchase questions or for further information.

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Bugatti (1971) NFS

Push (2005) NFS

The Drift No2 (2008) NFS

Hey, nice car! (2009) NFS

Bored (2010)

Cherry Ice Cream (2013)

Seven Tuks in Bangkok (2015) NFS

The Drift No3 (2016)

Friday Night ... Later (2018)

At The Darwaza Gate (2018)

FCA 2019 (2019)

White Dress Part 1 (2020)

White Dress Part 4 (2020)

Longtails in Phuket (2021) NFS

On The Nile (2021) NFS