World-wide travel has long been featured in Jay Koka's original works.

Iconic and exotic locations are featured prominently in a series of exceptional works. Many are available as fine art prints on canvas.

Although COVID imposed many restrictions and cancellations, the travel continues... watch this space for new destinations...

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  Longtails in Phuket (Thailand)

  On The Nile (southern Egypt)

  Evening at Place des Vosges (Paris, France)

  Place de la Concorde (Paris, France)

  Bourdonnais et Rapp (Paris, France)

  At the Darwaza Gate (Agra, India)

  Welcome to Patong Beach (Phuket, Thailand)

  Pres de Champ de Mars (Paris, France)

  Around the Corner (Hanoi, Vietnam)

  Breathless in Shanghai (China)

  Seven Tuks in Bangkok (Thailand)

  Old Propaganda Poster (Hanoi, Vietnam)

  Calao (Lima,Peru)

  Directions in Cartagena (Columbia)