Around The Corner
Title: "Around The Corner"
by Jay Koka, © 2016
60”w x 36”, acrylic on canvas, Private Collection

No armchair traveller, AFAS member Jay Koka has actually been to the worldwide locations featured in his paintings.

‘Old Propaganda Posters’ is an immensly successful example based on an old Chinese quarter setting in Hanoi. The completely modern LaFerrari turns into an intersection in a incongruously old and cluttered setting.

"Around The Corner" is a followup to the 2015 work. The title isn't a play on words... the setting really is "around the corner" from the previous painting.

This time, an F12 gingerly winds its way into an intersection cluttered with cars, scooters and pedestrians. The setting is actually "enhanced" to get across the idea of clutter and activity. Close examination reveals a representation of the inconceivable number of scooters and mopeds that ply the streets of Hanoi.