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Welcome to Patong Beach by Jay Koka
"Welcome to Patong Beach" (click to enlarge)

"Welcome to Patong Beach"
Title: "Welcome to Patong Beach"
by Jay Koka, © 2018
44”w x 56”, acrylic on canvas, private collection

The bay at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand may well be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It certainly looked like it when we arrived at the dock by boat one morning in 2017. The bay boasts pristine azure waters and a magnificent sweeping arc of a sand beach stretching in both directions as far as the eye can see. As always, I’m on the lookout for interesting and unique backgrounds for future paintings. And after a pleasant walk up the beach road, Patong Beach didn’t disappoint. The intersection of Thawewong Rd (the beach road) and Thanon Banga features an improbable yet remarkable and audacious welcome sign that I just couldn’t resist.

Thanon Banga is a one way street that is closed off to traffic at night and that’s a good thing because I haven’t been anywhere in the world that has more bars and nightclubs per foot than this party street. Features a McLaren 720S

Pres de Champ de Mars by Jay Koka
"Près de Champ de Mars" (click to enlarge)

"Près de Champ de Mars"
Title: "Près de Champ de Mars"
by Jay Koka, © 2018
44”w x 34”, acrylic on canvas, private collection

The iconic Eiffel Tower is located on the Champ de Mars in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris France. I was in Paris early in February of 2018 exhibiting my work at the RetroMobile show with the European Artist Auto group. The RetroMobile show at the Paris Expo facility in the Port de Versailles area is a long 6 indoor days so on completion, Cathy and I were thrilled to get out and have a good walk before our flight home. Fortunately the Champs de Mars is a short tram ride from our hotel and once there we were treated to a gorgeous sunny day, some excellent coffee and the prerequisite patisserie.

I am forever on the prowl for painting settings no matter where I am. And this sunny morning was no different as we strolled down the Avenue de la Bourdonnais and came upon the Rue de l’Universite intersection. The base of the tower framed by the buildings on this gracious cul-de-sac was irresistible.

A Ferrari 275GTB/4 rounds the corner…on its way home?

At The Darwaza Gate by Jay Koka
"At The Darwaza Gate" (click to enlarge)

"At The Darwaza Gate"
Title: "At The Darwaza Gate"
by Jay Koka, © 2018
48”w x 32”, acrylic on canvas, private collection

You can’t see the Taj Mahal even once inside the main entry gates of the 42 acre grounds. You approach along a lengthy corridor of red sandstone buildings culminating in a ninety degree right turn to face the wonderful Darwaza Gate. As you approach the building, you see the spot at which the “Taj” will appear. You then walk through that portal from darkness to brilliant sunlight and there it is, the incomparable Taj Mahal... but it takes a moment to resolve itself. Every step is a brilliantly designed and executed drama.

The “Star of India” is now back in India in the hands of Maharaja Mandhatasinh Jadeja, grandson of the Maharaja of Rajkot, the original commissioner of the magnificent 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II. A very large and exceptionally well detailed major work.

Hawkes Crystal Glass by Jay Koka
"Hawkes Crystal Glass" FCA 2018, Corning (click to enlarge)

"Hawkes Crystal Glass"
Ferrari Club of America 2018, Corning

Title: "Hawkes Crystal Glass"
by Jay Koka, © 2018
44”w x 30”, acrylic on canvas, private collection

The 2018 Annual Meet of the Ferrari Club of America at Corning New York (and Watkins Glen) celebrates the Daytona. First introduced to the public at the 1968 Paris Salon del’Automobile, the 365 GTB/4 Daytona remains an iconic Ferrari. Many mark it as the end of the Enzo era and the last of the classic front-engine GT Ferraris. The Hawkes Glass Building was home to T.G. Hawkes & Co.’s eighty-two years in the cut glass business. This is the original event art that has been published in an exclusive FCA edition of 500 signed/numbered/embossed prints on paper, approx 10 x 14.5 inches for distribution at the event. Also released in a full size canvas edition of 10 signed/numbered prints at 44x30".

Exclusive FCA Limited edition print
"Hawkes Crystal Glass" (click to enlarge)

An edition of 500 signed/numbered prints on paper created exclusively for the FCA Daytona event. Please note this PAPER print is not available from the studio, please contact the Ferrari Club of America.

The Drift No4 by Jay Koka
"The Drift No4" (click to enlarge)

"The Drift No4"
Title: "The Drift No4"
by Jay Koka, © 2018
34”w x 44”, acrylic on canvas, private collection

The Drift No 4 continues a series of paintings started in 2000. Its predecessors have featured a Jaguar XKD, a Porsche Carrera GT (2008) and a Porsche 918 (2016) each as different in style and execution as the one before.

Being young and inexperienced at the time, the Miura was pretty much the first "supercar" I became aware of at its debut. I recall thinking that it was the most beautiful car I had ever seen. I didn't think I had much of a chance at owning one as I drove my Austin-Healy 3000 Mk III which kept me in the poor-house trying to keep it running (...but the girls liked it).

So it's somewhat surprising that it took me some 25 years to get around to doing a painting of the car that I still consider one of the most beautiful around. It has stood the test of time well and is a testament to the Bertone and Lamborghini folks that were responsible for its creation. This is the poster/event art for the 2018 Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance (September 2018, Ontario, Canada).

Friday Night on Ocean - Later by Jay Koka
"Friday Night on Ocean - Later" (click to enlarge)

"Friday Night on Ocean - Later"
Title: "Friday Night on Ocean - Later"
by Jay Koka, © 2017
60”w x 36”, acrylic on canvas, private collection

Jay Koka: "Friday Night on Ocean - Later" is some minutes after "Friday Night on Ocean" on the same Carmel, California, Ocean Avenue corner. The first group has burned away and along comes a really nice Lamborghini Aventadore to take the space of the 918. I continue to be fascinated by the early evening light on this street.

One reason is that there are no street lights so all of the street illumination comes from the light spilling out of the stores and from the cars themselves. The result is a warmth that I think was what caught my eye with the Aventadore. The car's chrome yellow has been warmed and softened by the mainly yellow light from the store. By the way, that's a '66 Corvette convertible about to make the turn. I actually saw it a little further down the street but I put it into the painting mainly because I liked the red light cast by its brake lights."

Friday Night on Ocean by Jay Koka
"Friday Night on Ocean" (click to enlarge)

"Friday Night on Ocean"...learn more

Hirschmann at Swiss Porsche Cup by Jay Koka
"Hirschmann at Swiss Porsche Cup" (click to enlarge)

"Hirschmann at Swiss Porsche Cup"
Title: "Hirschmann at Swiss Porsche Cup"
by Jay Koka, © 2018
44”w x 28”, (110x70cm), acrylic on canvas, private collection

Privately commissioned work by the car owner.

Hirschmann DB5 at Bamburgh Castle by Jay Koka
"Hirschmann DB5 at Bamburgh Castle" (click to enlarge)

"Hirschmann DB5 at Bamburgh Castle"
Title: "Hirschmann DB5 at Bamburgh Castle"
by Jay Koka, © 2018
44”w x 28”, (110x70cm), acrylic on canvas, private collection

DB5 at Bamburgh castle in Northumberland England. Privately commissioned work.