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F12 TDF at Hotel de Paris by Jay Koka
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F12 TDF at Hotel de Paris
Title: "F12 TDF at Hotel de Paris"
by Jay Koka, © 2021
44”w x 34”, acrylic on canvas, Private Collection

The Ferrari F12 TDF is a limited edition of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Ferrari has built only 799 units of the F12 TDF. The F12tdf pays homage to the Tour de France, the legendary endurance road race that Ferrari dominated in the 1950s and 60s. It was a race that rewarded cars that combined maximum performance with driveability.

The Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo is located in Monaco across from the famed Monte-Carlo Casino. It was opened in 1863 as part of the development of Monaco by the Société des Bains de Mer under the auspices of Charles III of Monaco.

A major privately commissioned original work.

356 at Pedrazzini Werft Jay Koka
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356 at Pedrazzini Werft
Title: "356 at Pedrazzini Werft"
by Jay Koka, © 2021
34”w x 44”, acrylic on canvas, Private Collection

The setting is the famous Pedrazzini Yacht-und Bootswerft in Bach on the shore of Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

Jay Koka" This wonderful work unites two of my favorite things: a classic Porsche and wooden boats. Since 1991 and my "wooden body" painting of the 1939 Lagonda Rapide Tulipwood boatail titled "Wooden Rocket", I have much enjoyed the creation of work involving "wood". I was thrilled when approached by a longtime collector to execute this work. There's not much I can add to the volumes that have been published about the iconic 356 so we will expand a bit on boatbuilder Pedrazzini."

Begun by Augusto Pedrazzini in 1906, the boatyard is now run by third generation Claudio Pedrazzini who carries on the family's passion and meticulous hand built care. Pedrazzini's craftsmen need 1,800 to 4,000 man-hours (six to nine months) to build a single runabout. Mahagony, teak, burl...handmade fittings...there is an obssessive attention to quality and detail. And it shows. Not to mention - they are drop-dead gorgeous. Like wooden boats? check it out...
» www.pedrazziniboat.com

A major privately commissioned original work.

Longtails in Phuket by Jay Koka
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Longtails in Phuket
Title: "Longtails in Phuket"
by Jay Koka, © 2021
44”w x 34”, acrylic on canvas, Artist Collection

The COVID19 outbreak of 2020 created opportunities to create fine art work that is not directly related to automobiles. The cancellation of all major shows resulted in much welcomed time to explore these themes as well as painting "styles".

A 2017 trip to the Thai peninsula resulted in first, the 2018 painting "Welcome to Patong Beach" and now "Longtails in Phuket".

The magnificent beach and nearby dock is crowded with these boats called "long-tails". Named because of the exceptionally long drive shaft leading to the prop...as much as 2 meters or more...creating the appearance of a "tail" while in motion. The engine (with prop shaft) can be rotated 180 degrees as shown in this work to store the assembly while docked.

This wide arc of motion also makes them exceptionally maneuverable. The engines are mainly secondhand car and truck engines making purchase and ongoing maintenance economical. Hugely popular, they are not however unique to Thailand, seen throughout Southeast Asia.